The Dynamic and Versatile young Artist and producer “HULWAYZ” left his mark on the music industry last year when he featured Olamide on his hit single which is still gaining a lot of airplay

Yes!!! Here comes Hulwayz again with another hit bang! JANGUROVER this time he nailed it.no doubt this Song is bound to be one of the most exciting song the Year…

I’am actually dancing while posting this song, What a JAM! Hulwayz shows he’s still the best at what he does. You heard the snippet of “Jangurover” couple of days ago. Here’s the full version. Hating on this song is just futile,Don’t even bother. This is a HIT.

Produced by Hulwayz DOWNLOAD

Follow Hulwayz on Twitter: @hulwayz
Facebook: Hulwayz -Olaniyi



  1. Lovely and wonderful song written and produced by Hulwayz himself, can’t stop dancing. Yeah man, show them ow its done, ow a good song should be….. Haters pls get a life and do something good with ur time…………
    No 1 Hulwayz fan


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